Mission From The Heart
Dominican Republic

Taller Santa Maria Josefa Rossello School has approximately 400 children enrolled this year. That is an increase of about 100 children from last year. It is a Catholic school located in the village of Don Juan, in the Dominican Republic. Currently, the school is composed of grades ranging from preschool through grade 6. This is an increase of 2 grades in one year!! It was the hope of the nuns who run the school to add one grade each year. The school's uniqueness stems from the fact that not only does it provide educational programs for the average child, but it is the only school in the area that also offers programs from children with special needs.

Make a difference!                      Sponsor a Child!     Change your life and theirs!

Many children in the Dominican Republic struggle each day to survive. In some cases they live in poverty beyond our comprehension. Through a sponsorship commitment of $10 a month you can provide hope and make a difference by reaching out and opening your heart. You can pay annually, quarterly or monthly.
Open your heart to a child!

**Here is a form to Sponsor A Student click on it and print it out, fill it out, bring it in to Parish Office with your contribution and select a child's picture. You can also mail in the form to the Parish Office with your contribution and we will pick out the picture for you and mail it to you.                                                

During the school months your contribution benefits your sponsored child by providing him or her with 2 nutritious meals each school day. During the summer months (July & August), your donation is used to buy school supplies and to help make improvements in the school. 100% of your sponsorship contribution will be used directly to meet the needs of your sponsored child at school. Sponsorship continues as long as your sponsored child is enrolled in the school and you choose to continue to be a sponsor. You will receive a photo and the name of your sponsored child. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of mail service in the village of Don Juan and surrounding area, you will not be able to correspond.

Once a month, the loose change jars are available before and after each Mass. This keeps us aware that we need to continue to financially support all the projects that we are committed to see to completion.

Another fundraiser for the Dominican Republic....during the month of October, pilgrims (those who have traveled to the DR) sell raffle tickets for gift certificates for local restaurants. Everyone loves gift certificates - so this is a popular project. If you would like to help sell tickets to family & friends - please contact one of the pilgrims.



2006 Pilgrims
Dale & Marissa Rescott; Ed & Mike Galka; Pat, Kathy & Kate Collier; MaryEllen & Paul Ringwood; Sara Colvin; Sister Chris Treichel; Anne Adessa; Judi, Matt & Nick Valvo

  • Our Project:  to paint the batey

 2007 Pilgrims
Dale, Marissa & Dave Rescott; Sister Chris Treichel; Dan & Bobby Cuddy; 
Maxine & Jamie Alberici; Stephanie Kott; Anne Adessa

  • Our Project:  to paint a church and classrooms

2008 Pilgrims
Pat & Kate Collier; Kathleen, Shawn, & Mary Doyle; Pat Messina; Meghan Churney;
Charlie Greene; Lynda & Frank DeOrio; Dale, Marissa, & David Rescott; Penny Anderson


  • Our Projects: painted school, painted pharmacy, put together playground games

2009 Pilgrims
Michelle & Reagan Cuddy, Anna Comitz; Katie Moran, Sister Chris,
Janna Fiermonte, Linda & Desire McConnell

2010 Pilgrims 
Ed, Mary Beth, Tyler & Mike Galka; Judy & Nick Valvo; Sister Chris; Anne Adessa; Anna Dziedzic; Dale, David & Marissa Rescott; Meghan Ganey

2011 (Spring) Pilgrims 
Sarah Colvin, Pat Messina, Lynda DeOrio, Penny Anderson

2012 Pilgrims
Ed & Mary Beth Galka; Brian & Mallory Colella; Celina & Dale Rescott; Meghan Ganey; 
Anne Adessa; Marsha Heitzman; Sue Vanderpool

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