Community Building

An important priority for our parish is building a sense of community among our parishioners. We offer several opportunities for our parishioners to gather in an informal way and enjoy each others’ company. Some of these opportunities are: 

Coffee Hour after Mass

    Saint Ann's after 9:00am Mass - 1st Sunday of the month
    Sacred Heart after 10:30am Mass - 3rd Sunday of the month (except July & August))


Migrant Farm Workers 

Our parish has a long-standing commitment supporting the migrant farm workers who arrive at King Ferry for the annual July and August harvest. Our parish has been directly involved with collecting and distributing clothing, bedding, toiletries, household items, and food to the migrant workers. Parishioners also provide:

  • Classes in English as a Second Language
  • Health and Beauty classes for women
  • Scripture Study Classes
  • Preparing and serving the welcome meal for the migrant workers
  • Setting up and taking down the sun shelters
  • General maintenance projects

Please contact Debbie Cornall (315-253-6206) or Debbie Patrick (Good Shepherd Catholic Community) (315-364-7197) for additional information.

Blood Drive

The third Saturday of every month, from 7:30am-11:30pm, is set aside for our Red Cross Blood Drive, which takes place in our Parish Hall. A number of parishioners organize, recruit blood donors, and provide support to the American Red Cross in their efforts to maintain the community’s blood bank. Please call Maxine Alberici (315-252-6023) for information on becoming a blood drive volunteer and/ or donor.

Friday Game Night

Our parish offers our Parish Hall for social activities to agencies that meet the needs of the developmentally disabled in Auburn. Parish volunteers host this activity and provide hospitality and a welcoming environment for those who come. If you or your family are interested in helping with this activity, please contact Sara Podolak (315-784-5442).

Parish Sharing Committee

Our parish tithes 3.0% of its income to organizations locally, nationally and internationally that provide services to those in need. A committee of parishioners reviews the recommendations submitted by our parish community and makes recommendations to the Pastoral Council for the distribution of funds.

Parish Outreach

Parishioners provide these services:

  • Hospitality at our Parish Hall for a family after a funeral.
          Contact Laila Cuddy at 315-253-9489 or Barbara Avino at 315-252-7089 for assistance, additional information, or to volunteer your services.
  • A meal for families or individuals in need.
          Contact Judy Powers at 315-253-9837 or Pat Gucciardi at 315-252-8259 for assistance, additional information, or to volunteer your services.

  • Prayer chain- A network of persons praying for individuals and parish intentions.    
          Contact Judy Campanella at 315-252-6444 for assistance, additional information, or to volunteer your services.

  • Contribution to St. Alphonsus Food Pantry... Pack the Pantry
        Parishioners are invited to bring canned food items to Mass. These food items are collected and delivered to St. Alphonsus food pantry. One of our parishioners put this challenge to all of us..."if we brought one food item each time we came to church...we can make a difference."